Monday, May 10, 2010

Time for bed!

As I lay in bed, after a peaceful and busy day,  I think -- what's a good series to catch up on? Having stocked up on comics at Atomic Comics during Free comic book day, and reading Irredeemable #1-- I decide to finish with #2-5 tonight.   What's your favorite comic, or late night comic read??


  1. Haven't read comics lately...I'd say its been well over a year or so, but the last two titles I've read were "Loveless" a bad ass western and "Sam Noir" a samurai film noir..kinda cool.

    -Secrest out..ssd.

  2. If you like Westerns you should read tge Dark tower series
    I read Stephen King's, The Dark Tower books and was addicted. As soon as I found out the comics came out u started collecting. I get the hardcover trades as they come out.

  3. Dark Tower for days.


So what do you think? What do you want read/see more of next time?