Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year....

We're almost a week through 2010...pretty insane.  I have a busy couple of weeks in the near future.  On the 11th I am leaving for some workshops in Burbank.  I get to work with 2 casting directors (score!), and then have some video work for Cavalry Arms.  The "Access Zero" music video is in post-production as we speak and should be out in the next few weeks as well.  On the 23rd I get to attend a 7 hour master class with Jason Alexander.  We'll see if I come out with some improved comedy techniques. 
I almost forgot!!!!  My web page is up! http://www.victoriapaege.com/
Thank you do Darren Jones Design for helping with the website setup!  If you haven't seen the page yet, I have a portfolio section with my pictures, a link here, and then if you go to the contact section, you can link to my Metacafe and Youtube for videos.  Links for my IMDB, resume page and Myspace are also there too.  Check it out bitches.  Do it! Do it NOWWWW....
Here is my favorite new video....I'm in love. 

Also- just to let you know..I will be posting pictures in the "portfolio" section of my website that I will not be posting anywhere else.  Just a little extra for those of you that go to my page :p

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  1. Oh wow, Vee! :D So happy for you and that homepage is awesome! I will check for pics of you, of course. If there's some new added, you need to hint on Twitter :D

    Really happy to come across you which was pretty randomly (I found Bai Lings blog, then Twitter, then stalked you and your blog, hehe)

    Well, enuff said! You'll rock 2010!


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