Thursday, December 31, 2009

How most of us will feel tomorrow...

Happy New Year my friends!!  I want to start off with a little video I found today- this is awesome-

I hope that plays for you.
As we approach the new year, I want to reflect upon all the wonderful things that happened this year.  I will not make a list of worldly things (the discovering of a new planet, the untimely deaths of many loved actors/producers/icons etc), but rather, reflect upon some wonderful things in my own life.  This is probably more beneficial for me than you, but- hey-- you're reading it too :)
This year, above everything, I am grateful for all of my new friends.  It is amazing the opportunities that I got a chance to live, but my new and old friends stay number 1.  You are all so important in my life and I am so happy to have all of you around.  I am most fortunate for you and I thank you for letting me into your lives. 
Next, I got to work on my first television show (My Boys- episode 3.9), my first televison movie (Maneater- Lifetime), walk the red carpet (Wolverine Premier in Tempe), work on my first feature film (Piranha 3d) and got posted on the Fangoria and Gorezone websites. Through all of those projects, I met and worked along with amazing actors, directors and FX crew.  I couldn't have ever imagined the great things that 2009 held in store for me. 
I now belong to an acting studio in Burbank and get to work hands on with casting directors, have my official website under construction, am working with the Phoenix comicon, a new production company, and was in another music video- this time for the band Access Zero. 
Phew! busy year!!!  I can NOT wait to get moving on 2010!  I want to FAR exceed my accomplishments of 2009-- I am JUST getting started. 
What were the most important parts of 2009 for you?  What stands out the most, and what is the most exciting thing to be ending??
I have learned a lot about myself this year as well, especially what needs to be done in order to get the most out of life. We all have something that we are more passionate about than anything.  Talking to a friend on Christmas,we were reflecting on our loved ones lost and what we love most about being here on earth.  He said, "Do you know what the definition of  'passion' is?  It is what you are willing to endure for what you want most strongly. A strong driving force "   For me, loving every minute of life is what I am most passionate about, living for now, not being afraid of what MIGHT happen, taking chances, is what I live for.  I am not saying I do this easily, or even every day.  I do as much as I am able to though.  I threw the word "try" from my vocabulary a while ago.  Trying, is not doing, therefor there is no use in the word.  I may as well say, I thought about it....but just "didn't."
One of my favorite new people took the jump.  Stopped being afraid and just did.  He is now living and doing everything that he ever thought possible, and WAY more.  If we refuse to believe that things will go our way, then we are making that so.  The thing that we all must remember, is that you can never go wrong by doing.  If you are waiting for the "right moment," it will never come.  Honestly, if everyone thought that way, life would probably be a much more difficult place. It isn't up to me to change your mind, I am just saying what I believe. 
I hope that 2010 and many many years after are all very wonderful and full of love, life and happiness for all of you. 


  1. Hey Vee! Happy new year and I wish you even more success! Once you're famous, please don't forget about your first and no1 fan, hehe. I'm sure I will be blog about you in 2010 and introduce you to my followers, who I hope, will become more. Look forward to see that homepage or should I say homepaege? :) So happy for you, good luck in Burbank and you really deserve success, because you're so kind and lovely.

    Warmest hugs from Slovenia, Europe and happy new year 2010: The year of Victoria Paege :)) Yay!


  2. Nino---- you are AWESOME!!! Happy New year to you my friend!

  3. Holy crap baby, one more bit part and you will be better than Bai Ling!!! Well have a nip slip if u like and put her out of business:-)

    Seriously though, happy new year

    All the best with your aspirations.


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