Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Game of Posts

I just saw the best T.V. I've ever seen in my whole life!!!!
Do you watch Game of Thrones? Did you watch the latest episode?  If you didn't then you need to watch it IMMEDIATELY!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!
**We can talk about it in the comments after my post**
So here I am! I'm finally back.  For now, I have a tiny break in the insanity where I can collect some thoughts and share some randomness.
I stopped posting for a while because at first I didn't think that I had enough to write about.  Then, not writing became habit.  Now I have so much that I have a hard time deciding where to start!
I unloaded the pics from my phone a few weeks ago and realized I had a few thousand pictures just sitting on it. Hahah!!!!  whoops!- that means a lot of picture filled posts are on the way!
Phoenix Comicon was a BLUR!!!!
I kept myself on a very tight schedule this month, getting ready for the convention and then getting the new place I'm staying at ready for my brother and his friend to stay.
I didn't know for sure when or if my brother was going to be coming so I had to make sure to prepare extra early.   I've been filming promo stuff for The Theatre Macabre and getting prepared for the pilot so although I had new prints, my focus was going to be more on the series and promoting the new pin up sketch card Justin Chung and I had.
 Our 2015 pin-up sneak peak
Justin also drew this of me as X23 for the Marvel Universe 2014 trading card series
I didn't want to stress about the con so I decided to only have 2 new cosplay.  Tara and I had always wanted to do a group cosplay so, knowing that we were running out of time, Tara found this


We got to working on the ears and Amanda (ModifiedMinds) made us skirts!
Then, we tried on our wigs
YAY! Day 1 cosplay was almost done!  I had 2 weeks until the convention.  I found out my brother would be here the Monday before con which meant I had 4 days to finish! Luckily, teaser pics from the new Suicide Squad leaked so I had a new costume in mind.  It took the rest of week for me to order, find and make the outfit and then, late Sunday night my brother got in to town! 
I planned ahead for this con and got things in order before I spent the week with my brother.  It was incredible being able see my family and be able to attend the convention.  
I'll be back with what we did during the week and then I'll do another post on how I got my outfits ready.  Lot's of posts this week. 
to my blog and you won't miss a post! 
Peace, yo.

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