Friday, March 7, 2014

Time is valuable

I sit here daily posting pics and setting up posts for Facebook to try and stay connected to everyone, while at the same time promoting myself and the numerous projects that I am working on...or believe in.  In turn, I neglect writing here, which I think is more important, I neglect Google +, Facebooks' ever changing rules make my audience SOOO much smaller week by week...and I'm simply wasting my time.
SO-- you and I should both know by now that a promise of a blog post daily, or even weekly isn't something that I'll stick to.. but I will be moving here more often.  I can write to you in depth, tell you what I'm working on without it being lost in the jumble of FB adds and I can tell you how I feel about the projects.....not to mention post a shit ton of pics instead of 1 at a time.  Don't even get me started on those FB albums.  Wahhh wah wahhh.
Today- is a good day.  I am finishing reading the scripts from Geek Cred and will be heading to LA to work on the series in a week and a half.  I am going to script supervise and act in the series.  The cast is AMAZING and I absolutely can not wait to work with them.  A great, funny male cast and funny, intelligent, hot comic chicks *Michele Boyd and Miley Yamamodo? Yes please. The series is also bringing on special guests like Jim O'heir and Stephanie Beatriz all takes place in a comic shop.  An actual comic shop...not some store front and studio. Legit.  I'll post whatever I can post during production too as well as everything else I get into in LA.
Also new...I've shot for some new projects! I am doing a card series with 5FINITY. The cards are already sold out :) Here is a pic from the shoot that I have up for presale on my store
I also shot for and upcoming issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine and shot for a secret project with First Glance Photography

Know who else is a part of the same project? Adrianne Motherfucking Curry! Who else? Miss Jessica Nigri, Leanna Vamp (Oh how I love that girl) and few other lovely ladies.
I shot with my shenanigan team up team- Larry Alan and Tara Hutchison for both Tara's new lookbook and Larry's new book, which will be out later this year. I think we shot 7 different looks in one very long, very fun....then very drunk night.
After the wine hit

Goof Daisies
More wine...more of my skin. Oh geez.. Unicorn!

Then at the end of the February I got to work with Vanessa of Visualize Creativity for Tempe's Geek's Night out! I hadn't been painted by her since my Ivy at Phxcc 2010! So.. we thought of a character and she created female Joker. I have to say it's my favorite cosplay to date.  It was SO much fun! God damn, shit your pants she's a good artist!  

Annnnnnddddd-- - to top off a fantastic February, Miss Amanda Tucker from Modified Minds had an interview published in this months Java Magazine. Guess what picture they chose....  
I feel a bit special. <3 br="">
That's what I've missed filling you in on.  There are many more of these posts to come. I look forward to seeing you all here.

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