Friday, January 3, 2014

The crazy last months of the year. Goodbye 2013.

Happy New Year!!!!  We've made it through another year with stories to share and more to make.
Speaking of stories, I owe you all an ending to my 2013.
June- at the end of the first week of June my friend Cheryl and I drove to L.A. for the premiere of a movie I am in called 'Salvation' starring Ryan Donowho, Angel McCord, Brett Donowho and Giovanna Zacarias.
I decided to rock a Guess BODYSUIT 
 The Q&A after the screening
Myself and Ryan Donowho
After the premiere, Cheryl and I stayed an extra day, went to a thrift shop in Beverly Hills -- and then it was back to Arizona. I had 3 days to get ready and then it was on to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic con with artists Mike DeBalfo, and some artists from Spiral Ink Comics; Rob Hicks and Derrick Tipton.  The convention was fantastic, I got some art, some signed comics and made new friends-- that's the important part, right?
After the convention I dropped the men off in Arizona, bought a new dress and headed back to L.A. to attend 'The Conjuring' premiere at the LA Film Fest with my friend and the talented director of the movie, James Wan.
James and I and some of the staff of Fangoria Magazine at the preparty
The night was a blast. We stayed through both screenings of the film and then rushed to the afterparty.  The night ended quickly and then it was off to see my love and fellow cosplayer Toni Darling. Before heading back to AZ I did a spur of the moment shoot with Larry Alan-

July- I got to breathe a bit at the end of June which was a necessary because July was going to be another busy month.  At the beginning of the month I finally joined and got my SAG/Aftra card-- YAY!!!  This means that now I can work on even bigger films.  This is a very good thing :)
I spent a good amount of time over at Amanda's because we were making a custom Hit-Girl together with the creator/writer of Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, Mr. Mark Millar.  Before the debut of the costume, I was off to LA again with Amanda.  This time I was invited to the red carpet premiere of 'The Conjuring.'
  The big one, THE premiere-- along with the entire cast.  Tara Hutchinson did my hair and makeup and then I met up with director James Wan to go walk the carpet, to his first ever red carpet premiere.  
No bodysuit for this one- I went with a classy black dress by BCBG
 After the premiere was the most incredible after party.  I wish I could describe it for you, but I just don't think that I can recreate the magic in words.  It was a giant party with the entire cast, delicious food, free flowing drinks and the most attentive staff I've ever encountered.  
The very next day I left for Arizona to finish packing for SDCC where I would debut Grown Up Hit-Girl. 
If you haven't ever been to the San Diego Comic Con, to make a very long story short- it's Wednesday through Sunday and non-stop walking, partying, networking, cosplaying and walking ridiculous amounts.  I dressed up every day, hung out with Justin Chung who had a new pin-up piece of me
(It's the one on the right)
 and also had just become a Google glass explorer! The weekend was absolutely FULL of epicness.  During the convention, 'The Conjuring' opened at #1 (and is now  in the top 5 of the highest grossing horror films of ALL TIME!---- Good freaking job, James.)  I got to see my good friend JD Smith, who now works for Fangoria-- bad assery.  I hung out with friends and....I debuted my Hit-Girl.  
August- I got to relax in August.  Amanda and I worked on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Princess Mononoke, both of which I debuted at the Saboten Con where I was a guest and the MC for the cosplay costume contest.  The convention started on Aug.31st and while I was attending, I got 2 jobs in LA-- so as SOON as the convention was over 
September 2nd, to be exact- I left AGAIN for LA.  This time I was a body double for a dvd cover, I did some background in a film with Ted McGinley and Grant Goodeve

and then I worked as script supervisor on a film, Ad Lucem, starring the metal band 'Queensryche!'.
set pic!
After the first 2 weeks of the month, I was back in AZ and making a new costume for the Las Vegas Comic Expo which was at the end of the month.  Here is what I came up with...Wednesday Addams! I got a photo shoot done and then hung out in Las Vegas for the end of the month. 
This brings us to--- October!
If you've hung in this far you're almost through-- I only have 3 more months to go! 
The Las Vegas con took me into October, I came BACK to AZ, did a mermaid photo shoot with Grant Brummet and Toni Darling
and then was a guest at the Rapture Horror con.  I LOVE horror conventions! I got to meet some other great guests and meet new people that came in from around Arizona.
oy...I need to dye my hair 
After the convention I was cast and filmed for not one but TWO commercials.  I filmed spots/commercials that will be playing in Home Depot's in 17 different states.  Those should be out in the spring of 2014.  I had 2 movies release, Camp 139 and Death by VHS and I started work on a new costume with Kip from Kipsworld.

November started with the Tucson Comic con.  I went hiking and busted up my knee, shot for Larry Alan's new book called The Fun Book
did a photo shoot for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, did a shoot with cosplayer Leah Rose and ended with the Long beach Comic con 

 Artist Scott Harben

 Bishop!! - I mean- Lance Henriksen was time for Thanksgiving and family!
December-- This was my rest month :)  At the beginning of the month I worked, again, with ModifiedMinds on 2 new dresses.  I was hosting the first night of films, along with an AZ local actor, Shane Dean at the Filmstock Film festival  There was a red carpet and media the entire weekend so we whipped up some red carpet dresses.
 with organizer James Lee and co-host Shane Dean

myself and co-host Shane Dean
That brings us to the end of December.  I did a tutorial video with Amanda and Tara and then enjoyed the rest of December.  
Happy 2013 and an even happier 2014!!  I already have a full January...  which I'll let you all in on soon!  I can't believe I packed so much in to the year-- now I challenge myself to do even MORE this year.  hehehehehe
What are you looking forward to in 2014?

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  1. A fabulous second half! :)

    It's amazing to see how much you can fit into a year when others complain that they have no time. You're a whirlwind of productivity, and everyone seems to enjoy working with you. :)

    Can't wait to see what you're up to next year. :)

    - Scott


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