Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The past few months

Hello bloggers, readers and sexy beasts!! I just got back from the Las Vegas Comic Expo! I've been going to a lot of events, working on film stuff and taking too many pictures to post on just FB and Instagram... so I'm going to be using my blog for my big uploads.
So that I don't confuse you with our of order pics..... Here s what went down this weekend in Vegas...
Until I can properly caption these pics.... I'll tell you what's going on and you can match them with the pics..... Just like a puzzle. WEEEEE!
Road trip to Vegas with Cheryl, pics with Brie before the cosplay contest taping for the SYFY channel, pics with Joe Benitez (Ha! And there's the smile he rarely gives! Mwahaha), pics with my girls after dinner, my dinner being cut up for me cuz I'm baller. Then we have some of me with my loves... (Artists/writers) Nei Ruffino, Ebas, Jo Perfilio, Brett Cate. Oh and for those of you that don't follow my fb or instagram.... A highlight of my weekend definitely included meeting Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus, one of my favorite characters (of all time) on 'Breaking Bad.' I was beyond honored.
During the weekend I shared a table with and helped out artist Kip from KipsWorld, hung out with and made some new friends, stayed up way too late every night and got to meet a bunch of new people that came to see me at my table. It was a fun weekend! :)
Next weekend, I'll be attending the Rapture Horror Expo in Tempe, AZ.  Othe guests include Sid Haig, Linda Blair and Toni Darling. Chris of Big Chris Art will be there doing live tattoos (I want some new ink.... And he's my #1 choice).  They will screen horror films all weekend and I'll be walking in a horror themed fashion show for ModifiedMinds!  
You can still get tickets at www.rapturehorrorexpo.com
I'll be posting lots more this week!!
Until then,
stay sexy, my bitches.

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