Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pin-up and Comic con!

Hey guys! Happy, late, Independence day! What did you do?  I have had an incredible start to the month!!  Before I tell you about the first week of July- let me finish my last post about June!
So, to recap, The first 2 weeks of June: Worbla, x-23, Dorothy Gale Photoshoot and new prints, Cosplay Calendar, Phoenix Comicon, 'Salvation' premiere.
After the premier of 'Salvation' - which I can't wait for you all to see!! -- I went to Las Vegas!! I drove to Vegas with artists  Mike DeBalfoMilen ParvanovRob and Derrick. -- Can I describe our ride? I couldn't begin to describe it.
Car rental- $400
slim Jim- 1.39
Driving across the desert with a truck full of ridiculously hilarious comic men- -priceless.

At the convention I, of course, was running around in different outfits-- on Friday, I was Wednesday.
Saturday, I was Dorothy Gale and Sunday, I was all about hanging out in DeBalfo's Pin-up shirt.
THIS shirt
You see....we were in Vegas.  So a Sunday morning was very difficult to wake up and get ready for.  I did it.  I even walked around in my new favorite sparkle shoes..... but I was feeling the partying of the weekend.   Also that weeked I got to visit with the lovely ladies of the calendar. We did some Cosplay Calendar signings and I had a nice set up right next to Mike DeBalfo, Ryan Kincaid and Big Dog Ink. Jimmy Jay, who runs the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is deserving of more than a generous amount of 'thank you's.' It was a fun and fantastic show.
NEXT----  I went home and didn't even have time to unpack before I was off to LA again! This time not for a premiere of mine but one of a friends.  When I got to LA I got new headshots from one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER -- Larry Alan!
After that I was on my way to the LA Film Festival to see 'The Conjuring!" Sadly, the only picture I have of that night is the same one I posted on my FB and Instagram (but if you don't follow me there-- this will be new)
Before the movie with Director James Wan, Fangoria staff and actor Matt Currie
There are about a million reviews out for this movie so I won't post a long one here.  However, if you like horror or even thriller type films, this is one to watch.  You don't even have to worry about gore.  It'll just make you pee your pants because it's so scary.  I loved it.  
THEN-- after head shots and a fantastic premiere, I got to meet up with the beautiful Toni Darling.  Did you know that Toni is the one responsible for putting that sexy Cosplay Calendar together? She's also going to be at SDCC with artist Erik Arreaga at table E12! Go see her, Rosanna Rocha and Ani-Mia! As for the calendars-- You should really go ahead and order one if you haven't already.
Go on.  
Alright , we're just about done with June! After LA, I got home and did a brand new pin-up shoot! An image from this shoot will be debuting as part of another piece drawn by artist Justin Chung at the San Diego Comic Con!! Prints will be available from both him and me at the con and future cons-- but-- Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!

Here is how you can get prints from me now-- 

1- pick your print
2- go to 'donations' button on the upper right corner of my blog page
3- decide how many prints you want and purchase! I'll send you an email when I receive payment and get shipping info! 

Ok here are the pics- each is 10.00 and are approx. 11x17 unless noted: 5.00 for shipping.
Dorothy Gale from The Legend of Oz 1,2,3


Pinups 1,2,3 & 4

Justin Chung trading card- from his pin-up series.  This is the size of a baseball card. - $5.00-- **LIMITED TO 10****

Print from the cover of 'Break the Walls' stories inspired by songs of the Pixies.
Color and art by Brian Miller limited to 250!
I'll add more pics to choose from soon!!  If you have requests or suggestions-- TELL MEEEEE!!!!!  

Peace out my homies! 


  1. I love the pin ups! I think you're particularly suited to the retro look. I'm trying to think of something that would be cool. Maybe a WWII pin up with a bit of steampunk thrown in to make it different?


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