Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, I've heard this before and I don't know why I thought I was above it.  If you talk about your goals, your body and mind think you have already achieved them.  It is the most certain way to fail.
Well, my friends, I do NOT want to admit it but I will....I did NOT go the 30 days that I had set out to do. 
I am ashamed and upset.  This is something that I really wanted to do.  Obviously I didn't want it enough because I did not stick with it.  I have decided, instead to set my goals but keep them to myself.  The good thing is that I will strive -- WEEKLY to post pictures.  That way, whether I succeed of fail by my own goals, you will see where I currently am.  I have a lot of pictures to motivate to meet those. 
So-- lets set a day-- what day/time are you most likely to check my blog?  I will pick the favorite and every week I will take and post pictures of my progress. 
I have a lot of convention appearances and a few films in the VERY near future so I need this....
Western X premiered in Sacramento this past month and was very well received.  I need to get in VERY good shape for the spin off 'A Six Gun For Lobo" which I should start training for in a few weeks. 
I play Alexis Lynch and I will eventually kick serious ass.... who can help keep me motivated?
This is the latest picture of me......  I need to get in even better shape. 
This is what I aspire to look like:

By the way-- I want to make sure that you all know I get most of my work outs from  Zuzana is amazing and I am so excited that there is a place that I can go online to get great workouts for free and see a hot, VERY in shape chick to keep me motivated.

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  1. Heyy !! there awsome meeting you tonight in tempe !!! email me sometime soon i could use some advice!! thanks !!!


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