Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chick mcnoodles

Hey everyone! Thanks for sticking with me through workouts...and no workouts. 
I have been doing much better now that I haven't been broadcasting to all what I had "planned" on attaining and doing.  It seems to work much better that way.  Plus, we all falter at times and I think it's important not only that you see that, but that I can accept that myself and be ok with it.
On another note: After a 6 month seemingly dull period in my work life, everything is coming back together.  YAY! I did my 3 day guest appearance at the SabotenCon October 1-3rd and it was amazing.  I met some incredible people and my neighbor was an amazing individual by the name of David Doube.  David is the author of Dusk( a dark Vampire comic that was VERY popular with the crowd.  I'm going to break into a story about Dusk Comics for a moment because it's important that I include this. 
During the convention one of Davids artists, Jolene Houser ( who was to accompany him at his table, got in a horrible car accident on the way to the convention.  We got so much support from the attendees and had a huge poster board signed with well wished and a card was passed around to the convention guests that was later taken to her in the hospital.  Fortunately, she was released from ICU that weekend and is recovering nicely.  David has decided to work with local talent to get a book together to help Jolene out with her insane medical bills.  I will make sure to keep you updated with any links so that you can check it out and show support.  Also, any artists that may want to contribute, please contact me and I will get you in touch with David.  Thank you all for your support.
Last week I received an email from a friend in the business.  She had cc'd me on a message that she sent to a director.  This director was looking for the lead in his short film 'Raindrops' and couldn't find the right fit.  Shortly thereafter, I received an email from the director and we set up a meeting.  After meeting with him and chatting for about 3 hours, I am proud to say that I will be playing the lead in the film.  There are some other great actors involved as well and we start filming in November.  We are going to be filming up north, probably in the Sedona area.  I am excited because I have only been there 1 or 2ce years ago with my family and never for an extended period of time.  I look forward to working working with this crew and sharing pictures and updates with you.
I also want to let you know that I am now going to be working with Comic Book Divas as a core member.  That means that you will see me at even MORE conventions, sporting their shirts and helping to promote their comics and comics that I have a character in as well.   I have 2 different comics coming out in February so if you see me at the conventions make sure to stop by and get a book or some prints. 

Also, I have been informed that the Western X spin off in which I play the lead will start filming and producing promo within the next 2 weeks. Western X, by the way, was accepted to the Beverly Hills Film and new media festival and will be showing on October 24th!
Too stay up to date with the spin off western/action series go to  You can also follow the show and get updates and behind the scenes pics by following them on twitter: 
What new web series are you looking forward to? Which genres do you not see enough of?

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