Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work work work

Today my mind is racing.  I was supposed to go to a wedding but instead have been feeling nasous and feverish.  I've known this couple and the groom's family very closely for the last 10 years.  The fact that I am missing one of their most important days is probably not help the sick feeling I have, nicely settled in the pit of my stomach.
On another note---
I have been thinking a lot about the Phoenix Comicon that I am a part of this year.  I will not only have the opportunity to participate at the events and meet all of the supporters, do numerous photoshoots and media spots, but I get to interview the guests before and during the convention.  Guests that include media people like:
Wil Wheaton
Felicia Day
Levar Burton
James Marsters
Lou Ferrigno   <----come on, did you really have click on the link? Doubful.
But comic artists, inkers, and writers such as:
Eric Basaldua-  I had the pleasure of meeting him last year.  His work has gotten even better since just 2009 alone.-- It's aproaching "absolutely fucking amazing." Truth.

I have to admit that I am thrilled to have this opportunity.  As you remember, I did promotions and video blogs for the Tucson Comiccon last year.  This is similar....just multiply it. 

(TCC X more amazing) X (More guests, bands) X (much bigger convention center and spanning 4 days)= My new job.

Yes, it is going to be a show, that's for sure.  I will be doing cosplay too.  I have some costumes in the works. 
Now this will be my first posistion doing interviews.  I figure, I can host, act and model.  I should be able to pull of some pretty good interviews. 
We have bands playing, awesome events, panels and more. I will be at the Mesa Bookmans tomorrow from 130-3pm while the signing is going on.  I won't necessarily be at the table, but if you look hard enough, you'll probably find me roaming the store....Make sure to say hi!!!!!
I have some pre-con interviews set up- but you have to watch the website to see them! 
****Now, I'm going to spend some hours brainstorming and  figuring out which questions to ask all of these amazing people....*******

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