Thursday, December 17, 2009

Piranha 3d trailer!!!!

Oh yes!! It is finally here!!  Remember this?! Yes- that's us during filming of Piranha 3d.  The Trailer is FINALLY being released and will be attached to most copies of Avatar, opening this week.  I am so excited for this, I am going to pee my pants.....yeah....ok, I already did.  I'm not gonna lie.  Go here:   to read about the trailer.  I will be able to post some more, most awesome pictures after the movie has been released.  YAY!!!!!


  1. Wow, so happy for you :)) More pics please :D

    And on the last one you look most natural of them all, hence the prettiest for me ;)

  2. Great pictures. I live in Mich and we have some of the largest parties on our lakes. It looks like Jobenooner to me. Right now we have snow and I already niss the summer fun like boating.

  3. Well Hello Victoria,

    I was on the movie set filming as well... Good times!! I can't wait for the movie to come out should be killer!!

    I have lot's n lot's of pics but can't release them yet.

    I'll stop by and visit again soon.


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