Friday, September 11, 2009


It has been a few days since I got a chance to sit fora second and write what's going on around me. I am going to be working on another video blog today for the Tucson comic-con so I should be getting that posted today or tomorrow. Also, I am still needing ideas for my Cosplay outfit. So far it's between Aeris, Yuffie or x-23. The sooner I get more people giving me ideas, the quicker I can get the outfit made ; )
I just heard from L.A. and I have some potentially AWESOME news. If all goes well and there isn't some TRAGIC event that takes place, I will be working on a show from November until March!!! Here I come ABC! I am so excited I can't control myself.
I got the pictures back from the last shoot that I did. 3 have been touched up, I will post some for you *wink* I think these are the best that I have done yet. Definately a more mature theme. Different than anything I have done so far. I am very grateful and thank Pierre Price for the wonderful shoot. I am also going to be doing another photoshoot and tutorial video for Cavalry Arms. We were going to shoot today but not only is my car in the shop, one of the organizers is out because he just had dental surgery. OUCH!
Hopefully next week will be a little better and we can get things done.
I will be leaving for a short out of town roadtrip this Sunday-Tuesday. I am excited to go hang with some friends and family. There is a place that I always go to in Florence called A and M Pizza. Whenever I head out of town I make sure to stop there for a sub. They make the best bread and have the best subs in Arizona. *licks lips* I'm hungry haha.

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