Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My thoughts on the matter...

On September 8th, President Barack Obama is planning on making an address geared toward children and education. According to the White House, this address is going to be made in order to promote “the importance of [students] taking responsibility for their education, [and to] challenging [sic] them to set goals and do everything they can to succeed.” Sounds great, right? Our LEADER, taking some initiative and addressing the nations youth. Someone is showing that they CARE about the children and is taking steps towards at least trying to talk to the youth and making them aware of the fact that we need to embrace and work towards our futures. Our OWN future. I think that somewhere along the way we have neglected to bring up the importance of education and hard work.
I found the link (from the White House twitter page, believe it or not), that goes over the speech that is prepared, and there isn't a thing wrong with it. I got on a chat site today and someone said something along the lines of, "Don't say SHIT to my kid!" Really?! You're getting pretty defensive about your kid. What the hell do you think the President is going to say? "Support me no matter what, join the army, disobey your parents and forget about thinking on your own?" We take for granted the fact that we have it so easy here in America. In other countries, say the wrong thing about your ruler and your entire family will be shot down. That, or you will be humiliated and killed. Does anyone remember learning about Kim Jong-il and the false stories he makes up about everything? If you don't remember you should look it up. Even do a google search for the story he tells about his birth. We have a lot to learn. Some people are extremely ignorant.
The leader is here to lead, whether we like it or not. He will make decisions that he believes are for the good of the country. He will also make decisions that may not make us happy, but will at least help the country, or Government (as a whole) out. You can think of it like a business because that is essentially what it is. He isn't going to hold your hand and tell you sugar coated stories to make you feel better about the country. He is going to do what he seems necessary and we have to accept that.
Now stop your bitching.

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  1. thank god i couldnt have said it better myself. and people wonder way our country is the way it is. to moany bitchers and not enough do'ers. i can say i am sick of hearing about this on the news and all the people that think its wrong. QUIT YOUR CRYING thats all i got to say. whether we like each other or not if we stand together as one hand in hand and be as strong as we can be we can get this country back in order. i love the fact that you said that about other countries and how u get killed for speaking against the ruler. i always think about that when people r bitching about our government. i also think no matter how bad things get here it could be worse like in other countries. we as americans r very spoiled and need to get back to our roots and values. take responsability for numero uno. love ya and miss ys sweety


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