Thursday, September 3, 2009

9.3.09 1st post

Some days can be full of absolutely nothing, while others are so full you can't remember everything. It's funny how it works like that sometimes.
I feel like most of my days lately have been full of a lot of nothing. Luckily I am changing that. I got the first 6 episode of Watch Over Me printed up and have been running lines the past 2 days which is a good start. I am going to be rehearsing with the producer/actor next week which will take up an entire afternoon. I have also been eating much healthier and working out more so that I can start getting some photoshoots done and pictures posted. (YAY!)
I have an audition for a small student film tomorrow, but to be honest I really don't feel like going. I have done enough student films to know 1-there will be no pay, 2-there will be a LOT of disorganization and 3- the schedule will be changed a million times to accomadate other "actors" schedules. Plus, it's an hour drive to the audition. Not really worth it to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't in any way think that just because I have worked on a few bigger budget productions that I am ABOVE it, it just isn't an avenue I am focusing on right now. Plus, I have the web series to work on.
I started a twitter account. I only have followers.'s ok. I like to read other people's tweets. It is a cute little site. It's like a giant mass text message. I can't really figure out how to use it though. I can't reply to anyone from my phone and don't know how to post links. You would think with my A plus college trainig (yes, I passes both classes), that I would be able to figure out something simple like that. haha..I'm in a good mood so I makes giggle :D
I went to the pool today-
Where is everyone?? It only took 20 minutes of complete silence and then this cute girl came out and cracked a beer. Yum *licks lips* We chatted a bit, it was nice to have company!!

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