Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brand New!!

Ok, so this is my first time EVER doing blogging so I am going to start by telling you all a little about myself. I am an aspiring actress/model here in Phoenix. I change my mind and start different projects, or endevours every few weeks. Example, I am currently teaching myself sign language, I want to start learning french this year. I wanted to spend a few months in Japan and teach, I HAD to have my own home at 22 (which now I'm getting rid of), and I want to travel all over the world. I have the highest goals and won't use the word "dream" because "Dreams" never make it anywhere whereas goals will be reached. I have never blogged before but figured that it will be a way to organize my hectic schedule, or at least make sense of it.
I do some modeling and have recently been doing a lot of acting. I have a web series that I am working on called "Watch Over Me" with A View From Above Productions. I plan on updating this with any projects that I am working on or anything that I in the process of.

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