Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dad-a-chum,dud-a-chee,not to worry, you've got the key

Welcome back my little nerdonians.  I am home and things have been moving rather quickly but I am taking a small break, making sure not to neglect you.  That wouldn't be very nice of me to do, now would it?
If you follow me on twitter or are a fan of my facebook page:!/pages/Victoria-Paege/135150863172491?ref=sgm , you know that I kep you pretty up to date...however, for those of you slacking behind (yes, I'm loooking at you...) here is what you've missed.  First, I was beyond flattered when I was featured on website as their "Hottie of the Day".  I had a lot of help with it being passed around, retweeted and even posted by the wonderful facebook.  I was even more floored when I received an email from the site creator saying that I was one of the most viewed in the history of the site.  Thank you to everyone who checked it out-- here it is again: 
Also, the site for A Six Gun for Lobo, the Western X spin off which I play the lead character (along side Dan Narciso!/vondice ) now has a website.  It is just in the beginning phases but make sure to check it out as it will have tons of info and behind the scenes sneak peeks.
I know that's a lot of links for one post so even though I have TONS and TONS more to shove into your eyesockets, I'll stop there and continue tomorrow.
By the way-- go here NOW to read the latest interview on Western X. It'll melt your face off!  Todays post has been brought to you by the letter "J"

Make your own caption....aaannnnd................GO!


  1. "for those of you slacking behind (yes, I'm loooking at you...) here is what you've missed."
    Creepy! I will never fall behind again, I
    Congrats on "the hottie of the day" feature, although I think you should be celebrated all year, and your entire career.
    Wish you the best!

  2. Hello. I have your blog on my feed reader for a while now since I stumbled on it months ago. But it's the first time for me to comment here, I think.

    Nice photos especially the one with the hat. Oh, and the Ablog4Guys pics are hot! (Was that the most risque shoot you did?)

  3. Hey williegalang, thanks for checking out my blogs. That shoot has been the most risque so far. I have several in the works over the next few months so we'll see what we come up with.
    Fausto-- you're awesome. Thank you!

  4. I like the first pic...that's a goodie!


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