Monday, April 12, 2010

Very busy

But...I still love you all.  I am headed back to LA this week, and just finished filming in another music video.  Thank you to everyone who came to support Jayson James at his charity event at Rawhide.  Western X sold tons of shirts... which was amazing.  I took a lot of pictures and will post those, along with pictures from filming. this week. 
I have started watching Breaking Bad this week.  I started from season 1 and am on episode 5.  I know I have a lot to go but am sure that I will be caught up before the newest episodes are out.  The same happened with Dexter and True Blood.  OH THESE SHOWS!!!!!
So many great story plots and good actors..
To think of working with people like these is what keeps me going every day.  So many talented people.  Wonderful!!

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  1. Hey Vee, you look fab! Now gonna check your other post :D


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