Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday , the 1st day in the last 7 that I have felt good, I had a photoshoot.  I got to go hiking, clim huge rocks and look over the desert.  It was so beautiful. 
When I got home I caught the tail end of the Grammy's.  I had heard that (My favorite!) Michael C. Hall had won best actor for Dexter, so I was more than excited to watch the end of the broadcast to hopefully catch a glimpse of him and his adorable wife Jennifer Carpenter. 

In other award news....

Holy Shit--  she sure is beautiful...and I love the dress......but WOW
On another note-
Photoshoot went well yesterday, I should be followup to Pen Addiction Wednesday and I will be in L.A. Friday. 
Ill be posting new pictures soon so stay tuned honey bunnies!


  1. We want pics! *Vpage fanclub spokesman :P

  2. For some reason I was hesitant to watch Dexter. I took the ignorant approach and told everyone the show just looks stupid (kind of funny as I always rip on people for doing that) but my sister loaned me her first season of Dexter and I was hooked. Ended up watching all the seasons in a little over a month and was in awe this season.

    Love the whole cast of characters, but Lithgow was brilliant. Such a different side from his Third Rock From The Sun Character I see him as always. I try to stay away from celebrity crushes because it almost always gets wrecked when I meet them or watch them in a interview but Jennifer Carpenter really does it for me...I typically like women on the shorter side but wow, she is stunning and her dirty mouth on the show is kind of appealing in a really odd way.

    Congrats on the photoshoot. Hope your week goes well in LA....


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