Friday, October 23, 2009

Lego my stegosaurus

Hey! I haven't been keeping up on any of my sites lately so I am stopping in to let you all know I'm alive. Ok, maybe I'm convincing myself I am alive and well a little bit too. Things have been kind of hectic. I have been running around doing lots of little life things. Not necessarily attending events, filming or doing any shoots, but hey- life happens too. I will be finishing my filming in "The Back-up Plan" by Jeff Singer on December 31st. I will also be going to a Halloween party that night, and working in the afternoon. That is going to be one LOOOOONG day. Filming will start at 5am, and then party will not end until well after midnight. Scot and I decided to go as Alice and the Mad Hatter. I will be a dark Alice though (think- Raven Gregory).
The comic-con is still being put together and will be held on November 7th at The Hotel Arizona in Tucson. This will be from 10am to 7pm and will have lots of great guests and artists. I can not wait to get some new sketches.
I cleaned my bike off yesterday and now just need some new tires, as I will be doing a lot of riding this fall/winter. I love being out in the cool crisp air. There is nothing better than feeling that chill. The slight bite on my skin makes me feel so alive. I just get filled with intense happiness. I love it.
I signed up for a few acting workshops for the next few months and will be getting new headshots that I will post to show all of you. I may be taking an acting class in college next semester, depending on how the money situation goes.
That's all my ramblings for today. I'll talk at you all later. xoxoxoxoxo

Laugh, Live and be as goofy as you want. Live strictly for yourself. Life. Is. Great.

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