Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zombie Ball

ZOmbie Ball 2009--- I missed it :( I was ready- but living an hour away from EVERYTHING leaves very little room for error. Unfortunately there were a few things that set us back so we sat at Denny's and watched a server make a complete ass of himself. There will be more. I am moving on Friday and will finally be back in town. This will give me many more opportunities to go out.
On Friday I went to the Bella Lune Show at Club Mardi Gras in Phoenix and saw the, always beautiful, Fusha. This move will allow me to go to more shows without worrying about driving home an hour before I get to go to bed (and get up for work).
The next 2 days will be a mini break before I am back on the go. Friday is move in, Saturday is the fashion show at Coach and Willies..

Sunday is a 12 hour work day and Tuesday I start filming for a short film my good friend is filming. Haha, you need to remember I am supposed to find time to be moving. :P
As for the Tucson-Con promotions... I am left in charge until the end of May so I need to get my ass moving and get some shoots done. AH!


  1. your good friend sounds like a fucking badass

  2. im sorry to hear that you missed zombie ball. the pic was awesome though!! :) hope to see you soon. ~fuchsia/bella lune~

  3. i think if a zombie stunner like you was chasing me, i'd let her catch me. ;) love your pics, especially the ones where you have black hair. you look like a hotter version of victoria beckham in your office shoot. hope you have a fantastic weekend and continued success in your career. dg

  4. Sorry, I stumbled across your page. LOVE the outfit, haha. Oh, my love of zombies will one day become the death of me.


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