Tuesday, April 28, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I attended the WORLD PREMIERE of "Wolverine: Origins" last night and got to walk the red carpet! Don't mind my face in that picture..I didn't have a clue what Scot was taking a picture of. Most of the cast was there- Will i AM, Ryan Reynolds, Leiv Schreiber, Hugh Jackman, Lynn Collins and Director Gavin Hood. Once inside the Cine Capri, I was surrounded by big names like Mr. Harkins, Alice Cooper, Matt Leinart, Todd Mcfarlane and many others. It was so Awesome to be in a theater with not only the cast but all the other big names. I almost forgot! I met Scott MacIntyre and his brother (remember--from American Idol?). I love that guy. They were super nice too. I HAD to go say hi. The Movie was great. It did, like most other comic movies, seem very rushed. They introduced new characters and then gave them very little screen time. Also, Deadpool...kick ass--but not around long enough! Make sure that if you see the movie you stay past the credits. The director has "Easter Eggs" as he called them. There are 7 total different clips. The theater you go to will determine which little "Easter Egg" you get to see. I'll post some more pictures of the cast up on stage---

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