Monday, March 30, 2009

Lots of news..

I have been BUSY! I did an awesome shoot in downtown Phoenix with FaustoHernandez Photography. I can't wait to see all of the pictures. I will be working with them again on a wedding themed shoot at the Heard Museum ( some time in April. I have a new video posted! Go to to see the mockumentary I'm in.
I have an audition tomorrow and then I have to come home and try and get some sun! We are filming some new spots for "Watch Over Me" ( ) so I will be studying lines the next 2 days. We are completely revamping the show. We have a new set, new wardrobe, more equiptment and fresh ideas with more writers. This is going to be a blast!! I am starting my preperations right now for the Tucson Comic con. I will be helping with the promoting in Phoenix. I will be doing some modeling and other fun things to get as many people interested in this years con as possible.
Also, April 11th I am going to be going to the Zombie Prom put on by Horns and Halos. I will be utterly Zombified! I can't wait! April is going to be so much fun.

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  1. Hello Miss Paege! Wow, you look fantastic I cant go wrong with you. The camera loves you right back. I hope the next time I see you, you are in your roller skates in the middle of downtown on our photo shoot.
    Hope your audition went as planned, let me know how it went.


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